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If you too would like to adopt one of our retirees, please read our following adoption conditions before contacting us.

Thanks in advance.

We have decided to place our cats according to their breeding life first, that is to say that we remove them from breeding at still young ages so that they can fully enjoy their new well deserved couch life. Before any placement, we grant ourselves the right to decide with whom our cat would be likely to age in peace, essentially according to his character which must be in line with your lifestyle. We prefer to guarantee him a lasting future in a loving and warm home than to respond to a whim or a crush. We favor placement within a family that will regularly give us news of our former little companion.

A contract and a certificate of sale will be drawn up in duplicate upon adoption. You will be asked for financial compensation in relation to the intrinsic qualities of the young retiree but also to cover the veterinary costs of sterilization and any vaccination costs. Finally, all the administrative documents (identification card, health record, passport, pedigree) and health (certificate of good health before departure, genetic tests for diseases specific to the race, last kidney and heart ultrasounds) will be sent to you. delivered on D-Day.

By clicking on the photo of each cat, you will be able to access its detailed file with more photos to know it better.

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