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Advice before any adoption

Adopting an animal is not decided on a whim but seen as a carefully considered life project. An animal is a living, sensitive being that will accompany you for 10 or 15 years. You must also be sure to be able to offer him everything he will need throughout his life :

-To devote time to him in order to be present for him. The Maine Coon is a very sociable cat that needs company.

-Provide him with the necessary medical care. The Maine Coon is not a particularly fragile cat but like any animal, it must be able to pay the medical expenses that may arise during its life.

-Being able to provide him with quality food and to cover the costs of routine care. The annual maintenance cost of a cat is 650 € for a mixed dry and wet food diet, quality litter and routine care at the veterinarian (vaccine reminder, deworming, flea and annual check-up).

-Provide him with a secure environment for the outdoors. Never let your cat go out unsupervised. Favor outings in a harness or in a secure enclosure to protect your animal from outside dangers (cars, theft, fights, illnesses, etc.).

-Make room in your home for the arrival of your cat. Plan to install a large, robust and stable cat tree in a living room where it can scratch, be high up to observe or take refuge there in case of stress. Have space to separate your pet's bowls, litter and bedding.

Find all our advice for preparing for the arrival of your kitten in our adopter's guide and the LOOF kitten welcome booklet.

We remain available to answer any questions or give advice for the well-being of our kittens and their future masters, even once they have left the breeding.

We strongly urge you to read this information before contacting us.

Conditions of sale

When you contact us, we ask you to introduce yourself to know who we are dealing with. We are indeed very concerned about the future of our kittens.

It is possible to visit the cattery but only by appointment in order to meet your future kitten. During your visit, you will be asked to submit to hygiene rules to preserve the good health of our animals.

Kittens are not made available until they are 5-6 weeks old, after the most critical period of early life has passed.

We suggest that you take the time to reflect by putting the kitten you are interested in under option to follow its evolution over a short period. The option will be valid for a maximum of 15 days. In all cases, we ask for your feedback, whether positive or negative. A kitten under option can therefore become available again. Do not hesitate to contact us to be informed as soon as possible of the change of status of our kittens.

The kittens sold as pets leave all sterilized (non-negotiable criterion).

Our breeders being under contract, the sale of their kittens for reproduction remains limited, subject to certain restrictions and reserved for small declared breedings. We reserve the right to sell for reproduction only kittens that we believe have the qualities to preserve the breed, to breeders who have the same vision of breeding as us, particularly with regard to health and well-being. be animals, and respect the terms of the contract signed with our cattery.

A contract is established when booking and a deposit of 30% of the total non-refundable amount is requested to confirm the booking.

Kittens leave from 14 weeks (3 months minimum) with :

- Vaccination done for typhus, coryza, leucosis, chlamydia and possibly rabies if going abroad including primary vaccination + booster.

-Identification by electronic microchip.

-The sterilization of kittens sold for company.

-A health record or passport.

-A veterinary certificate dated less than 5 days before departure.

-Copy of parents' DNA tests and latest ultrasounds.

-Regular deworming.

-A certificate of sale.

-The LOOF pedigree (if the pedigree is not in our possession at the time of departure, it will be sent to you by post).

-A kitten kit with food and toys.

-A guide for adopters written by us to successfully integrate your kitten into their new home.

-A USB key containing documents and photos of your kitten during its first months of life with us.

kitten price

Price of our kittens according to sex, lines, coat and type (with exceptions) :

- For reproduction :

From €5,000 to €10,000 for a shaded

From €3,000 to €4,000 for an unshaded one

- For company :

From 1 €400 to €2,500

It is possible to pay in 3 instalments. However, the kitten must be paid in full before departure.

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