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We are a small family farm located in the North-East of France, more precisely in the Vosges, 45 minutes from Nancy.
We discovered the Maine Coon breed with our first Maine Coon for company. We fell in love with this breed due to the presence, the kindness and the sweetness that emanated from our cat. The Coonmania having struck us, we have a 2nd, then a 3rd Maine Coon, all as beautiful as they are nice, whether male or female.
All our breeders are shell/shaded markings, giving the Maine Coon a snow leopard appearance that we particularly like to the point of making it our breeding program.
We chose to settle in a big house so that everyone could live together. Our cats are perfectly socialized, accustomed to the various noises of everyday life. They live with us. However, they have their own space within the house for their peace and well-being. A floor of the house is thus dedicated to them with all the necessary comfort.
Our breeding remains family. The number of cats with us is intentionally limited to reconcile family life, professional life and breeding, and so that everyone lives in harmony.
All our breeders are chosen with the greatest care for their lines, their good health and their type. They are tested healthy (N/N) by DNA for HCM, PKDef and SMA. They also tested negative for FIV and Felv. They are ultrasounded every year for the heart and kidneys and x-rayed for hip dysplasia before the first mating.
Our kittens leave the breeding at the minimum age of 12 weeks. They are then up to date with their vaccination, dewormed, chipped, sterilized if sold in company, and in possession of all their documents including their pedigree.
We are concerned about the well-being of our proteges. Visits are by appointment only to meet your future kitten. Parents are visible during visits.
Our goal is to breed healthy kittens and bring out the beauty of our heart markings. We also attach great importance to their socialization to give their best to their future adopters.

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